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Communication is the key to best results.

In our workshops we go deeper in the working environment, not just interiors but culture and behavior. We aim to create a complete concept for our clients needs. In best case we save a lot of money and unnecessary construction time with just a couple of workshops to find out where the actual change management is needed.




- 6-25 attendees

- questionnaire as preparation

- workshop 4,5h (3x 60min + 30 min)

- short survey afterwards

- analysis for change management

This workshop goes for three weeks, once in a week, every time with a different topic. Your team receives a survival package which we use in this 100% digital workshop.

Home Office Effektiv
Happy Monday




Happy Monday Workshop is our oldest and most beloved workshop. In this workshop the goal is to define what are the top's and flop's in the interiors and what can be done about it.

- 8-12 attendees

- questionnaire as preparation

- workshop 3h

-short survey afterwards

-analysis for change management




Are you in a need for a digital update?

Among our workshops we of course also give you an update on the actual digital tools and their environments.

Get together a couple of friends and jump into this treasure hunt hosted by digi-natives. All you need is a computer with a proper internet connection and we are ready to go!

Zoom, Meets, Miro, Slack, Teams, Telegram - where is your digital limit?

Tresure Hunt
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