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Better environment makes us work better, concentrate better, enjoy, laugh, talk, exchange, learn and develop. We are more effective and more functional when our surroundings support our actions. We create, we find solutions, we empower each other when we enjoy what we do and where we do it.

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To make it work there has to be a plan. Without a plan we are seeking for rules and order and our entire focus goes out of the window. Therefore we organize workshops to develop the rules for everyone in a team to play the same game.

And for all this to make sense there has to be a future to look forward to. Therefore, in everything we design, we keep our heads cool and look for the most rational solution. Sustainable solutions are our responsibility and therefore also our speciality.

We are great fans of teamwork. In our experience the best ideas come out in an exchange and we see it also as our task to keep up a cultural and international exchange. Our team consist of several creative minds and professionals from the practical field.

and patience


Interior design in working environments, you notice it first when it is missing. Nowadays a chair, a table and a laptop already make an office and if you add a coffee machine and a phone, you can already call it a multi-functional environment. We wish it would be that simple.

Sure we pay attention to the very basic needs and start from the grounds, but we also often say, that a little colour cannot hurt anyone. Already when you take the laptop and a bench mentioned above the solutions we have on the market are endless and there are options from 0-budget to high-end luxury. And this is where we are happy to step in.

From the very beginning of our project we will estimate the rough costs and create a schedule. With the help of colour maps and mood boards we search for the right style and atmosphere for your company and start the design process. With our service design package, we can define the working culture with your employees to meet the needs of their everyday life. Designing a working environment is a teamwork between your team and ours.

Every interior plan is always designed in 3D to pay attention to the propositions and details. For significant furniture and individual room solutions we can provide you a SketchUp model which you can admire in your SketchUp viewer. We also provide construction plans for other professionals on the site. The key to success is communication and we are proud to say that this is our team’s speciality. We communicate a lot, in several languages and thousands of pictures, and we make sure everyone included in the process is also aware of the next steps. We also do not mind being asked again, in our philosophy there are no stupid questions on the construction site.

We have planned and realized offices in Hamburg and in Berlin, from 3 employees to up to 600. In our experience there are as many ways of working as there are individuals and therefore, we don’t automatically plan open plan or single office solutions. Every project has its own features and challenges and we are looking forward to going through your needs for development. Our complete portfolio is available on request.

Are you ready to take a deeper look in your office? We are happy to have a talk and make you a non-binding offer of our work.






What are your tasks? What do you produce?

Who is in charge?

Who takes the responsibility?

Who does it?


In our workshops we go through your "service path" and put the focus there where the focus is needed. We help you to create the internal rules for your team and guide you towards your common goals. With workshops and analysis, we create the individual service concept that doesn’t only serve you, but your team and clients as well.


Service Design is based on the philosophy that the user makes the product. When bringing service design to the world of interior design it is obvious that the user of the space must be heard. We provide different solutions to survey the users needs, all based on service design thinking.


The four P's in Service Design (People, Products, Processes, Partners) are in the focus of our design work. You don’t always need to make a complete renovation to create a different atmosphere and it is not necessarily the lights that are causing your employees headaches. In our Happy Monday Workshop we go through positive and negative experiences and find solutions together. Our final product from the workshops is an analysis for development and common rules among your employees.


Give us a call or send us an e-mail, we are happy to adjust our workshop concept to your company’s needs!


Nowadays everything is green and sustainable, or if it is not, it should be. There are certificates and labels to ensure you your choice is correct, and you can participate in several programs to support the sustainability movement.


If you are wondering which path is the best for you, we are happy to help you with the options. We have experience working with DGNB, LEED and C2C and there are many more certificates on the market. Whether it is your values, your products or social sustainability you want to put in the spotlight, we are there to find the best option for you.


Sustainability is something we cannot put in a nutshell, but in our every day’s work we do our best. We can certificate an entire building to be sustainable or we start with smaller things. Whatever suits your company’s style and culture is still a step closer to a greener planet. Let’s start today!


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