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Improve your workplace with clever design solutions.

We offer future-oriented workplace design services with a Nordic touch.

We are a Hamburg-based design studio passionate about workplace design and how our surroundings affect our wellbeing at work. Our aim is to transform a workplace into an inspiring space where your employees want to come in with an atmosphere they want to stay at.

The impact our surroundings have to our work is immense. A space that encourages creativity inspires and keeps your employees happy – how your team feels at work is tied to their well-being and can boost performance.

The goal is to empower each other and leave room to thrive and grow – let’s make Monday your new favourite day.


We’re passionate about Workplace Design and everything it entails from beginning to the end. Sketching the floorplan, creating concepts and mood boards to implementing plans and seeing our designs become reality, we believe that communication is the key. We’re happy to walk you through the project, communicate openly and offer bespoke solutions. We keep our focus sharp and manage projects with years of experience within workplace design.


Contact us today for a free discovery call – let’s create a workspace that works for you and your team.


From a closed office space to an open workspace, was our motto for this project in Hamburg! With flexible room dividers, nice acoustic solutions and multifunctional furniture we converted the old desk area into a collaborative team space. 



Let's make it all pink!

The office concept is simple: work where it suits you, come to the office for catch-ups. The floor plan of this 400m² open plan office is filled with working possibilities all the way from meeting rooms, small huddles, big hands-on areas to the individual desking. Phone booths and jam boards are places in the open plan brainstorming area, and there is one additional focus space hidden on the other side of the entrance. Welcome back to office!



This gastronomical phenomenon offers tastes from the hanseatic Hamburg, real soulfood for the ones in need in the heart of Hamburg.