Interior Architecture is our passion with all its features. From the first sketches to the house-warming party we enjoy using 100% of our creativity to create extraordinary spaces. We've been working on commercial and residential objects and here is a little overview of the outcome.




Sketching floor plan, creating concepts, drafting moodboards, implementating the plans, living on a construction site, breathing dust, controlling costs, keeping book on deliveries, inspection of defects, and finally (oh finally) giving the keys back to the object. Yes, that's what is driving us!


Representative Private School in Hamburg

The entrance area and teacher's room needed a new concept from colors and materials to a complete renovation scheduling. For now we publish only renderings due to the little construction site in the entrance area. Photos will be here soon!

Cozy Office Venue in Hamburg

This 220m² office venue is designed based on the needs of a growing company. The old premises got to small for the ten headed team and there was a huge need for a meeting room. In the new venue there's a kitchen, meeting room, silent room and a copy area for the every day needs. Also archive and server room were fitted in the 220m² floor.  The CEO's office and entrance area were planned as the representative areas, while office itself has a cozy tone for a laid-back workplace atmosphere.

Industrial Office Space in Berlin

Turning an old fabric into a modern office is a challenge; not just how to place the desks but the actual construction. Acoustics, heating, technology, lights, rescue ways, fire protection and of course the working atmosphere was taken account to create a young and trendy interiors.

Restaurant in Hamburg St Pauli

This gastronomical phenomenon offers tastes from the hanseatic Hamburg, real soulfood for the ones in need in the heart of Hamburg.

Flex-Desk Office in Berlin

In this 2.200 m² office building the flex-desk concept played a huge role. The employees booked a spot on an app and worked at the preferred desk in the preferred floor. With different themes and focus points this building offers different working scenarios from silent focus working to loud team events. There's a place for sports, music, cinema night and a parent-child area, although the traditional working environment with a desk and a chair is still in focus in this multi-functional office.

Traditional Middle-Eastern Restaurant in Hamburg

Design Concept for a Restaurant to catch the clients at lunch and in the dinner time. With middle eastern elements and patterns the 120m² diner for 50 hungry clients doesn't just fill your appetite on cozy atmosphere but also on your need for a traditional kitchen.

Coworking Office for Small Teams in Hamburg

Common kitchen, common entrance, common sanitary area saves not just money but also space. This small co-working space is located in Hamburg Bahrenfeld with four companies sharing the space.




My home is my castle!

Our spatial design concept covers castles as home office, vacation destinations, or just simply as homes. Wits smart home settings and traditional elements we combine a setting for comfort and cozyness.

Modern Scandinavian Living in Helsinki

This 70m² Penthouse apartment has a view all the way to Tallinn, and that's not even the best part of this project. The Scandinavian design in the kitchen and bathroom offer a luxurious living surroundings and the traditional oak parquet ties the concept together. The complete renovation of this apartment building from the 1970s took place in 2020.

Toilet Face-lifting

With tiny actions a huge difference!

In our every day work we do little DIY hacks and updates, here is a small guest toilet in Hamburg St Pauli.

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