When travelling

It feels like my life is all of a sudden full of paper work and airplanes. I should have filled those forms a week ago, sent the other ones two weeks back and signed a contract while updating instagram. And I'm jut sitting at the airport enjoying Barcelona somewhere a train ride away.

I'm meeting my mom in a couple of hours to spend a mother-daughter weekend in Barcelona which was planned way before this thunder begun. Back in the days where I had a safe salary and a fix amount of holidays. And working hours a week. And responsibilities. And. And. It feels like forever ago.

So the third week of this experience you should do only once in a lifetime came to its end. On Friday I realized all the things I hadn't done all week and instead of working only around the clock before falling asleep on the couch I managed to stay in focus the entire 15 hours. It is two things to sit on you spot browsing facebook for eight hours than having a list of to-dos priorisied by the opening hours of the government offices. And like every day since three days I keep on telling myself: only today, then this paper work is done, then I can concentrate on the stuff I love and I'm good at. Only today.

Therefore it is okey to get some last things done on the Barcelona Airport before my mom arrives, because after that it will be just mama-time and no more laptop. I promice.

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