Saving the world by enjoying the beach

In these days that just pass by I found myself on Elbstrand joining the international Costal Cleanup Day. Of course in a society like this the beach itself gets cleaned up every two days with a machine that just bumbs bumbs through the sand, but maybe it is the idea that counts.

We are the first ones to arrive, wearing the T-Shirts that got produced just for this one happening. I notice myself paying attention how everyone of us have our own plastic bag just to collect some cigarette butts in the sand. People are really curious about us and our action and many of them stop by to ask but somehow nobody advices their own kids to throw the ice cream stick to the recyclables. And I cannot blame them, I don’t do that either on a public place.

Before this post gets too much of a tree hugging and saving the earth I have to catch a breath. This be one of those self-defence mechanisms the smarted people tell you about.

Tomorrow is the last day in the office –from there on I’m on my own. Knowing myself that won’t last too long, within a couple of months there will be a team and I will laugh about all these fears that now try push through –but I tell you: thinking about the fact it will be my last day tomorrow of someone else making decisions. Wow. Yes, it feels good. And yes, I’m definitely on the right path.

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