Other things than work

I have to keep myself thinking about something else than work, actually anything else but work. I have ideas and dreams and I’m so excited about all the possibilities that are about to come, but I just cannot jump in there yet. I’m counting the hours when the first morning will be there when I decide wether I open Sketchup, Photoshop or Excel, and all the tasks to come will be my tasks. All the surprises will me my surprises and all the risk, well no risk no fun.

My original plan was to document the process of jumping into the self-employment in Germany for those, who will be going down the same road later on. And I failed on the very first steps. So first of all, you just have to be sure. You have to know, that this is the best thing you can do for your clients, for your self and when getting crazy enough -to the world. And then you just get started.

After 33 pages of sketches of a something like a business plan I’m frustrated, but delighted that this is all going further. Typing these business ideas and strategies in German I’m a bit jealous to those, who can do this all in their mother tongue. It feels somehow unfair, that I have to re-correct every sentence at least twice, so that it makes sense to the reader, but at the same time I’m asking myself, could I even do that in Finnish anymore?

Last weekend in the middle of a Vredener Kirmes one of Husbands friends put it quite well together “It is like writing your thesis, but this time knowing, that it will matter later on”.

So I sit down and open the file again. I correct the mistakes I can find. I squeeze the text a bit together. And I have a weird desire of erasing it all and starting from a black.

The dust on Munich Airport is holding the flights and I’m happy to have an extra hour to catch a breath.

25+15 to go.

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