Life without a fridge

One could think that it is a great idea to put your flat on AirBnB when you sign a contract to a new apartment. Hamburg is not the cheapest place to live in and paying two rents just simply feels stupid. So since three weeks now I'm jumping between flats, doing laundry, vacuum cleaning and bringing trash out. And answering thousands of messages on AirBnB.

When making this decission to host people in my very own old home it sounded romantic and I ensured the Husband that it wouldn't be a big deal. "Moving will be easier when we can bring stuff over only every now and then" I said. "We will have time to sort out the stuff we don't need" I said.

Twenty qubic meters later I'd like to take those words back and just pack every little dirt in the old place together and get my new life started in the new address. And the main reason for this frustration is that I left the fridge for the AirBnB guests.

In the July heat of 30c the milk survives over night but not longer, bananas turn black in two days and tomatoes get wetty. There is no cooling box that stays cold with ice cubes or frozen berries longer than a normal day in the office. I once did this before when I moved to Berlin -but in November keeping the kitchen window open is a bit different than in July.

The first week or maybe two was quite okey, delicious meals in restaurants in the neighbourhood and Street Food Markt on Spielbudenplatz. Kumpir and Falafel in Schanze, Döner at the Reeperbahn. Pizza. Indian cuisine. Italian. Portugues. At first we were enjoying the dining routine -clean the old flat, bring some stuff to the new place, get dinner, but after two weeks... it all just taste the same.

Last week I noticed I want to visit people and offices with fridges. I want to open the door just to peack a view to all the delicious stuff people hide in their fridges. Just as a reminder how life could be, if the new fridge we ordered weeks ago would just arrive. I even saw a fridge on the street that someone had abandoned and if the smell wouldn't have been so terrifying I might have taken that poor little thing along. A little girl can be surprisingly strong when she's hungry or desperate.

But then, after all the struggle with surviving without one of the most basic home equipment products, after standing on the street and seeing how the delivery guy has a wrong product in his truck, after thousands of french fries, the baby arrived. The Husband was there to bring it to the 4th floor (little 80kg pack) which he would have never survived alone, so again big thanks to to English folks having a beer in the bar downstairs and doing their little work out! To respect the Husbands great knowledge of household appliance I let the fridge stand over night so that the cooling water settles in -although I don't believe it is really necessary to wait 24 hours- and then my big task for tonight: grocery shopping.

Tonight there will be ice cream on my plate and home-made ice tea in my cup.

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