Inspiring Materials

Little did I know when I left the building four long years ago in a small university city of Kuopio Finland, that this trip might never come to it’s end. The Kuopio Academy of Design has moved to a new (old) venue and doesn’t even use the same name anymore, but the corridors are still full of familiar smiling faces.

Every now and then during my design studies I used to stop and think about the life up in the Savonia area. The lakes, the forest, the winters with snow and Nordic lights. And something inside me told me I should keep moving on. Still I was jealous to those who didn’t have that need, burning itch that makes you insecure about your future and your path.

Now that I’ve come a long way from that and could maybe even say I found my path and my spot, it is inspiring to return to the roots of my Design education. Within one weekend I got all my energy back and I started to be curious again -which I’ve been afraid I might loose it in the middle of all the changes and challenges.

The Professor (of Applied Sciences) giving us the lecture about Design and Design knowledge using himself as an example got me running the next days in all the Helsinki Design Week events. The conversation about materials and technologies behind and among them got me thinking about solutions I’ve never paid attention to and the coffee of Kuopio TeKu made me appreciate my very own coffee machine at home.

With this energy I’m gonna push through the next hours and days to get to the first goal: finish the website.

Today 16+15

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