How we save the planet

I sit down on a bench and lit up a zigarette. Bad habit, I know, I'll quit, in a week-month-year I will be smoke free, but more of that in another chapter.

A lady parks her car right next to me and walks into the shop. After a moment she comes out, looks at me and rolls her eyes. When she passes me by I can hear her mumbling "and nowadays when saving the planet is so in.."

Yes lady, saving the planet is in. I make choises on daily basis based on the fact what is good for this little place we live in, and one of them is not owning a car. I drive a car only when it's really necessary and there's simply no other way for transportation. I never transport just myself by car.

Basic daily rules we all could have: if you can buy it without plastic, do so. Never let water run without you seeing it running. If you eat meat, support the local producer. When you clean up, concider if hard chemicals are really needed or could a lemon or baking powder do the same wonder. Use your shopping bag as a trash bag later on, reuse products that are reusable, buy second hand always when you need a dress for only one occasion. Use your money to support your values, make choises.

Inspired by the topic I had a walk on the local flee markt that takes place every Saturday at Feldstraße. I simply love the crazyness you can find for a couple of euros. This weekend I saved the planet from manufacturin two more chairs and a desk and I couldn't be happier.

We save the planed by being aware, making choises. Even a bad choise is a decission, and the most important thing is, that you are aware.

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