How the New Year begins

It is 23:55 when the airplane starts to take off in Hanoi. No fireworks, no sparkling wine, no “hurraa happy new year better year yeah everything will be way new different and better”, and I’m surprisingly happy about it.

We arrive in Hamburg and I start to work. Or at least I try to. All of a sudden the office is too small, the screen is too small, the kitchen is dirty and I should bring my shoes to the shoemaker. And my website horrifies me because of the terrible German. I get frustrated and do what everyone would do in this case.

I open a box of chocolate.

After an entire box of all different kinds of sweets I found myself organising a breakfast meeting for other self employed women and hired a copywriter to fix my webpage. I sent several advertising e-mails and made appointments and in the middle of all this surfing in the world wide web I feel like I haven’t even started to work. Therefore I have to remind myself: It is not wrong doing what you love to do. You don’t have to have a job that frustrates you to feel like you have deserves a vacation. You can have a job you enjoy having and forget about working hours, but you have to remember to have some rest. And therefore I’m really thankful to the jetlag I’ve been having since a week now.

And while saying that, I’ll take a nap so that I don’t start yawning in the middle of a meeting tonight. Maybe this rain will be over then as well.

Welcome 2019!

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