Coworking spaces

Working from home might be exhausting. It might get so exhausting, that you notice you haven't done any of those tasks you were supposed to do, but you had a marathon on phone with a friend, you facebooked and linkedinned several hours and you cooked. And in the end of the day you are broud of yourself because you cooked.

These are the ups and downs of a creative and project-based profession. When there's stuff to do you work around the clock like a clock work, but when it all calms down you calm down as well. And therefore, to keep yourself focussed, you have to get out.

There are places like workspace and beehive in all the other cities nowadays, and finally I pushed myself to take a look what it is about. All in all for myself it was quite the same as finnish librarys in February: lots of people studying for their final exams and afraid of making a sound. The working space itself it quite well organized and everyone gets to have their own space, the only question I'm asking is if it's really profitable. Location like this in the best spot of the city -easy to reach by public transport, everything is close by, but a coffee cost only 60cnt. Of course you have to pay to get in, but for this one the cheapest entrance (public space only, no meeting rooms or private area) was 4€/day. I must say, 4€ a day is nothing -but sure on the other hand if your business is not yet profitable, of course every 4€ counts.

In this entire great office-like setting there was one thing missing which was actually my reason to get in there. I didn't find a common room where I would be "allowed" to talk. I warmed my lunch in the microwave and sat back down to my laptop, because everyone else was sitting at their laptops and looked concentrated. I didn't want to have yet again another lunch alone somewhere in the city center for just to get away from the laptop. I will sure give this a try again, but next time I make up a lunch date with somebody. Maybe even with someboy working there.

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