Better go local, read online, join Zoom

This is already the eight day of this week, and it is only Saturday. I'm wearing wool socks under a blanket on the couch having a laptop with an audio connection to my Master's Thesis group to Savonia UAS. The others went for a lunch, I decided to write a blog post.

When talking about Design innovations and methodes I often feel that one important point is missing: motive and motivation. There is simply no innovations if there is no drive and therefore the actual concentration point in all education and development should be about asking the question: what is your motivation?

Money. Quality. Time. Personal development. Development in society. Good deeds. There are things that drive us but we also often forget to feed the part of ourselves that brings us joy at the most.

Last days have been great and I feel successful and it is simply because I've been doing things I enjoy. My office has two desks and two computers which has been my goal for several months now. Whoever it is going to be sitting on the other spot will be fullfilling my need for a team and social emptiness which entrepreneurship often brings along. Among the office the other big thing this week has been networking. I've met amazing wonderful exiting people and got several spots to take my laptop along, take a seat and enjoy the atmosphere of having colleagues -without giving up the self employment and possibility to make my own decisions.

All the networking and all the social events have been pushing me to one point: I have to start running the workshops. Therefore, I will let you know when the sketches for the first workshop round are ready and what am I going to do with it. But for now: tomorrow I'll enjoy a lazy Sunday with lots of chocolate.

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