Back in 2016 -how about growing up

The year 2016 begins with publishing the website. In October I started in the new position back with my favourite tasks of 3D-modelling and interior planning with a creative and cheerful team. The company itself had done a couple of really cool projects and I was thrilled to be a part of the team, but there was only one but. The company had it graphical image straight from the 90’s, on the website there was a sign of construction site and the company e-mail run over a Gmail.

Too embarrassed to show my friends in Berlin where I left to I sat down with the website and after long hours in the office and long nights at home I finally got it all done. In the meanwhile my best friends got kids and bought apartments, my sister planned to move to Australia and the other one concentrated on her career as a musician. I worked hard on several projects in the field of interior design but somehow I didn’t feel like getting further in my life.

In the summer time I had the great honour of being one of the main organizers of Hamburg CS Invasion which kept me really busy. People from all around the world got to Hamburg for a weekend to celebrate travelling and friendships and at some point in the end of July I found myself wondering what I’m doing with my life. I sat down and wrote all the things that I enjoy, what I want to be doing and where do I want to travel to, and the only exact thing that came out of it, was the idea of having something own. A flat, a dog, a kid, a company, I couldn’t say, but the thought was there.

In September I was visiting the Habitare furniture fair in Helsinki when the idea hit me the first time. Stoories. I was walking around the antique department of the fair and looking at all the beautiful paintings from Finnish and Scandinavian artist that have a great story and caught myself thinking how much I love exhibitions with furniture that have a story. In the next weeks the idea got bigger and bigger and slowly got to it’s final form: I want to open a café&bar, that has a conceptual interiors. The interiors would always change, there would be something new for every visitor, and the stories of those products would be there for everyone to see. There was only one big problem: I’m a really bad barista.

In October-November me and the Boyfriend made a trip to South America. With our backpacks we started from Rio de Janeiro and travelled a month by bus in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. In Buenos Aires in a hostel I was looking for a charger for my phone and opened the side bag of the Boyfriend’s bag. All of a sudden the Boyfriend who never looses his temper gets furious and takes the backpack away from me “I just don’t like you going through my stuff” he says.

On the first of November we sit in the train on our way to Rosario and when the night is turning already to midnight I cannot hold it anymore. “I kind of thought the first of eleventh would be an easy date to remember… but the day is almost over.” He doesn’t say a word and we arrive in Rosario late in the night, check in to a hostel for one night and go to sleep. The next morning we change hostels and go for a bite, the weather is way better than all the days before. We walk on the boulevard with lavender blossom and sit down on a bench. He moves my legs from sunbathing on the bench on the ground and a little pissed I look at him “what are you doing??”. And there he is, on his knee with a ring in his hand. While he gives a beautiful touching speech the only thought in my head is “don’t say anything stupid, just don’t say anything stupid now!”. So I said Yes.

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