Back in 2015 -returning to Hamburgo

In October 2014 I sit in the kitchen of the Husband -who was still at that time the “Anti-Boyfriend”. I tell him I got the position and it is time for me to go. I thank him for all his support and the amazing time we have been having despite all the difficulties in my professional career. He makes me another cup of tee and says “I don’t believe in long-distance relationships, but this time I’m willing to give it a try”.

I find my first flat in Berlin Wedding. A one-room apartment without a fridge. The flat market in Berlin is a jungle and after paying the first rent I have 80€ left from all the savings I ever had. So starting the new job was the perfect timing.

My first day in the new office I knew I’d belong there. All the colleagues were about the same age, most of us international and quite new to Berlin. And like probably in every start-up, people are thrilled to be a part of something that gets bigger all the time. The year I stayed in Berlin I had the pleasure and honour to be working with very talented minds and enthusiastic people. Even now when checking our Facebook or Instagram I still see many of old colleagues being a part of the coolest projects and amazing adventures. From the working hours in Berlin I wouldn’t change a minute.

After the first month in Wedding I applied to a shared flat saying, that I want to be able to speak German at home, since my official working language is English. I entered this beautiful apartment in Neukölln and we hit it off immediately with the flatmate. Let’s call him the Mutti. The Mutti was the person who always had ears and heart to listen to my worries and we sat long winter hours in his red bedroom analysing the world and the politics. The only down-side of Berlin was the fact, that the Anti-Boyfriend wasn’t there.

Later in the summer of 2015 the start-up has opened a showroom and the Saturday shifts turn out to be crazy boring. The exiting new life in Berlin has turned into days that just pass by waiting for the weekend to return to Hamburg and I must admit, Berlin was just way too big for me. In the spring my old boss from my very first internship in Hamburg has contacted me and asked for help, but I had to turn her down, since I couldn’t find any extra time.

In August I applied for a position in Hamburg, and as my CV tells, I had been working for this small interior architecture office in Hamburg as an intern back in 2013. The person holding my application gives a call to my old boss and two weeks later the old boss contacts me asking if I got the position, because if not, she is willing to offer me a job. I sign the contract, leave everything in Berlin behind and return to Hamburg.

In October me and the Boyfriend find a little two-room apartment in St Pauli and we swear we don’t stay in this flat in the ground floor longer than a year. In December on Finnish independence day -better known in Germany as the St. Nikolaus- my furniture and personal belongings arrive from Finland. After two long years the home started to look like home for the very first time.

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