Back in 2013 -where it all started

On the July 15th in 2013 I landed in Hamburg with my big yellow suitcase. I was about to start my very first 3-month internship as an Interior Designer and I wanted to work on my German. Therefore, already at the airport, I decided I’d stop speaking English.

On that Sunday in 2013 it was raining at the Reeperbahn when I arrived. I climbed up the stairs to my 8m² room and opened the window. For an hour I was just watching the people coming out of the S-Bahn and crossing the pedestrian lights. Little did I know that the locals call it “liquid sunshine” and an umbrella belongs to a woman’s handbag just like a hair brush or a napkin.

Within the next days I started my internship, I jumped in to the adventures of local Couch Surfers, I had a beer on a Monday evening when a guy sits next to me and starts speaking in English. After a couple of sentences we change the language to German and from there on this relationship has been the foundation for my German skills. Nowadays this guy is called the Husband, but more of that later.

After the internship I extended my “trip” to Hamburg for another three months. I sat in the amazing little Cafés around St Pauli and Schanze drinking Milchkaffee and typing ideas for my Final Thesis and in the beginning of 2014 I returned to Finland just to realize that life doesn’t stop in the meanwhile you’re away. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Design and walked to the job agency to accept the fact, that there are no jobs in the cultural field and the economy is really bad.

One of my best friends from Hamburg, an Austrian girl, the Bucket Lady, somehow talked me over to pack my backpack and hitch-hike around the South-East Europe for a month. On the way back, when the Bucket Lady already had to return to her studies I made a quick stop in Hamburg. The thing what you do when you’re jobless and the future is only frightening, you keep on telling people that you’re looking for a position. In that point I still had some savings and I was open to do anything -as long as it has something to do with interiors.

From Hamburg I took a ride further up north to visit friends in Denmark and Sweden. In April 2014 I’m standing in the rain in the morning somewhere in middle Sweden next to the high way and trying to catch a ride to Stockholm. And then I get the call.

“Hi, we would like to offer you a 4-month internship in an interior architecture office in Hamburg. When could you start?”

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