All the five years

For all the five years living abroad -or nowadays living in my second (or even first) home, I decided to divide the last years in their own posts just to see the development within the years. And sure a lot has happened.

So 5 years plus the one I spent as an exchange student back in 2004-2005 means, that I’ve spent 20% of my life living in Germany. It sounds weird. And for now it does not seem like that the address would change for a while.

Right now to this point life is about to change: we’re moving to the most beautiful flat and I’m about to kick off with my own kind of destiny in the next months. Professionally I will be working on interiors and furniture just like before, but aside I’ll be doing my Master’s Degree in Design. And I will be writing and making photos and documenting this process, just because it makes me happy.

Because, in the end, the meaning of life is being happy.

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